System Operator Management Team

John Clarke

John Clarke

General Manager Systems Operations

Transpower’s system operator team is led by John Clarke, General Manager, System Operations.   John took on this position on 1 June 2014 having previously been the General Manager of Transpower’s Grid Development division.  He has more than 10 years’ experience in senior roles in the System Operations division, and has held roles in distribution and electrical engineering consulting in the wider New Zealand electricity sector.
John holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Canterbury.

Dan Twigg

System Operations Manager

Dan Twigg is the System Operations Manager.  He is responsible for ensuring national power system dispatch and security operations as well as the physical site operations, training for the National Co-ordination Centres, and future tool and system operation developments.  Dan is a lawyer by trade and has a variety of legal practice and business experience, having worked for both the public and private sector.  Prior to holding his current role, Dan was SO Risk & Performance Manager.

Dan holds an Honours degree in Law from Otago University.

Andrew Gard

SO Engineering Manager

Andrew Gard was appointed to the newly created role of SO Engineering Manager at the end of 2013 and formally commenced his new role on 1 February 2014.  Andrew is responsible for engineering investigations and outage planning.  He brings a wealth of high voltage power engineering, and management, project management and design/construction experience and expertise to his role.  Immediately prior to commencing his current role, Andrew was the Programme Director for Transpower’s Pole 3 project.

Andrew holds an Honours degree in electrical engineering from the University of Canterbury.

Erich Livengood

SO Market Manager

Erich Livengood took up the newly created role of SO Market Manager in mid-May 2014, injecting a fresh commercial focus into the market services and development areas comprising the Market team.  Erich has engineering, business and management experience, and has worked in and with a number of economies, industries and markets.  He has held roles in both the public and private sector.

He holds degrees in Engineering and Business from the University of Illinois and Kellogg School of Management.

Kevin Duckworth

SO Business Manager

Kevin is the SO Business Manager and was previously the Director of Energy Market Services (EMS). He has had an extensive background in the energy industry in New Zealand, having been General Manager, Energy at Industrial Research Ltd following a career as a DSIR scientist. Kevin has worked in technology commercialisation and engineering consulting including roles as GM, Business Development at Transpower, Chief Executive of Materials Performance Technologies Ltd, and as a director of companies in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

Kevin holds an Honours degree in Science and a Masters of Business Administration (with distinction).

Richard Rowell

Director Energy Market Services

Richard was previously the Commercial and Finance Manager of Energy Market Services (EMS). Richard is responsible for EMS' information technology systems and finance, and is Programme Manager for EMS’ ongoing systems developments. Richard has worked as a system design expert in the electricity industry since 1996, designing systems in New Zealand and Australia. Richard lead EMS’ implementation of Financial Transmission Rights (FTR’s) for the New Zealand market, under a service provider contract to the Electricity Authority.