System Operator Management Team

John Clarke

John Clarke

General Manager Systems Operations

Transpower’s system operator team is led by John Clarke, General Manager, System Operations.   John took on this position on 1 June 2014 having previously been the General Manager of Transpower’s Grid Development division.  He has more than 10 years’ experience in senior roles in the System Operations division, and has held roles in distribution and electrical engineering consulting in the wider New Zealand electricity sector.
John holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Canterbury.

Dan Twigg

System Operations Manager

Dan Twigg is the System Operations Manager.  He is responsible for ensuring national power system dispatch and security operations as well as the physical site operations, training for the National Co-ordination Centres, and future tool and system operation developments.  Dan is a lawyer by trade and has a variety of legal practice and business experience, having worked for both the public and private sector.  Prior to holding his current role, Dan was SO Risk & Performance Manager.

Dan holds an Honours degree in Law from Otago University.

Matt Copland

Power Systems Group Manager

Matt Copland was appointed to the newly created role of SO Power Systems Group Manager in April 2017.  Matt is responsible for the power system engineering and regulatory compliance functions of System Operations.  He brings 14 years of Transpower experience to this role – from hands-on transmission line engineering/construction through to team management and leadership.  He has great experience in building highly effective engaged teams, and developing and managing robust relationships with internal and external customers.

Matt holds an Honors degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Canterbury.

Leigh Westley

Market and Business Manager

Leigh Westley was appointed to the role of Markets and Business Manager in April 2017.  Leigh is a qualified lawyer with 8 years’ experience as a commercial manager within System Operations. She is well regarded for her ability to build positive and constructive relationships and deliver high-quality outcomes. Recent work includes leading the highly-commended Core Grid Restoration initiatives with industry stakeholders.

Richard Rowell

Energy Market Services Manager

Richard was previously the Commercial and Finance Manager of Energy Market Services (EMS). Richard is responsible for EMS' information technology systems and finance, and is Programme Manager for EMS’ ongoing systems developments. Richard has worked as a system design expert in the electricity industry since 1996, designing systems in New Zealand and Australia. Richard lead EMS’ implementation of Financial Transmission Rights (FTR’s) for the New Zealand market, under a service provider contract to the Electricity Authority.