COVID-19 Response

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We have a comprehensive emergency response plan in place to maintain system security and services to New Zealand. We will be using our usual channels for industry communication during this time but will use this webpage to publish updates or additional COVID-19 related information.


Latest update and messages

9 April 2020

We have published a customer advice notice [  254.58 KB ] and an assessment on Upper North Island low loads [ pdf 347.54 KB ] . The Covid-19 level 4 restrictions have led to very low electricity demand and as a result we are seeing higher system and network voltages overnight. This CAN and assessment explain how the system operator would manage significant further overnight demand decreases, and further reductions in generation in the region, in the unlikely event we were to see these.

8 April 2020

With reducing demand, particularly from the major industrial users, we have seen a drop in Interruptible Load (IL) being available to offer into the reserve market. The market continues to run securely. We are seeing approximately a 50% reduction in IL.

7 April 2020

  • The NZGB April 2020 Report has been published. It includes studies of the standard loads and the lower loads that have been seen during the Covid-19 lockdown. Generation balance forecasts are improved by the lower loads.

27 March 2020

  • We published a ‘Market Matters’ [ pdf 411.08 KB ] today looking at the way France’s load changed during ‘lock down’, and looks at the first day of NZ lock down.
  • One factor in demand reduction is reduced industrial load.  This  spreadsheet [ xlsx 12.43 KB ] summarises industrial non-conforming loads.

25 March 2020

  • We have our emergency response plan in place to maintain system security.
  • Following the elevation in New Zealand alert levels, we expect reductions in load and changes in the timing and shape of peak loads and are adjusting our load forecasts.
  • We remind market participants to keep the information on plant outages and availability up to date in POCP, and to ensure bids in the market schedules are up to date.


Related CANs

Date CAN
9 Apr 2020 CAN Assessment of low loads in Upper North Island [  254.58 KB ]
30 Mar 2020 CAN System Operator COVID-19 Response webpage [  172.42 KB ]
24 Mar 2020 CAN COVID-19 response: Expected changes in load [  187.01 KB ]

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