HVDC 2020 Outages

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Transpower, as grid owner, has major outages of the HVDC poles scheduled in January to April 2020. Due to the extended period of these outages information and industry communication from the system operator will be published on this page.

These outages are required to:

  • reconductor the Churton Park section of the HVDC BEN-HAY circuits 1 & 2
  • replace Pole 2 control system equipment (VBE) at HAY and BEN converter stations and undertake the associated system testing required
  • undertake maintenance and inspections of HVDC equipment.

Outage Information

The outages can be viewed on POCP. Any changes to these outages will be communicated through POCP.  A calendar view of the outage is available below.

HVDC 2020 Outage Calendar [ pdf 30.03 KB ]

On 25th July the bipole outages were moved from weekdays to weekends as per the CAN below. This change is in response to System Operator advice based on possible tight generation margins when the bipole outages were scheduled on weekdays.

CAN Bipole outages changed to weekends for 2020 HVDC outages [  301.77 KB ]


Industry Briefings and Presentations

Relevant Links

  • The System Operator publishes monthly reports of the NZGB for the next 200 days. Due to the significant period of these outages, the system operator has completed additional assessments for these outages in our monthly reports. These reports can be found on the NZGB website.
  • Information related to Security of Supply can be found on Transpower’s website here.
  • Information on gas industry outages can be found on the Gas Industry Co website here.


A full set of common questions we have received from industry along with our responses in available of our HVDC 2020 Outage Q&A page.