Rangitata Flooding Event - Islington-Livingstone circuit outage

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Four key transmission lines cross the Rangitata River supplying the Upper South Island (USI) and HVDC circuit. The flooding of this river on 8 December 2019 led to 9 transmission towers on the Islington-Livingstone section of the line sustaining extensive damage. Due to the extended period of time that it is expected to take to permanently repair the line, information from the System Operator will be published on this page.

A temporary line was commissioned on 27th March 2020, which will provide an interim solution until the section is permanently repaired. On the 15th of April 2020 the temporary line was re-rated, increasing its operational capacity.

A date for the permanent line is yet to be confirmed due to disruptions associated with COVID-19. This will be notified once it is known.

With the commissioning of the temporary line, no further teleconferences for this event are planned

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The image below shows the area that is defined as Upper South Island (USI)

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