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Name Date Description
TP System Operator Service Strategic Plan [ pdf 1.6 MB ] Jul 2019

This strategic plan sets out key delivery strategies for Transpower New Zealand Limited (Transpower) in its role as system operator over the five years to 2024.


Title Date Description
International Power System Event Review - Lessons Learnt for New Zealand - QLD SA System Separation.pdf [ pdf 954.55 KB ] Oct 2019

Transpower has undertaken a review to understand if New Zealand could benefit from implementing any of the eight recommendations made by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).  Our review is based on the AEMO investigation of the separation event (the Australian event) and takes into consideration the New Zealand context.

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EEA 2016 TP Renewable approach [ pdf 796.66 KB ] Jun 2016 Presented at EEA Conference Wellington, 22 -24 June 2016. This paper presents Transpower’s program to study the impact of renewable and emerging technologies on the operation of the New Zealand power system. 
Review of IL Management [ pdf 737.89 KB ] Feb 2016 This paper is a review of the Transpower policy and process around management of Under Frequency Events. 
2013-14 Capex Discussion Paper [ pdf 755.67 KB ] Jun 2013 Discussion paper prepared to explain the CAPEX planning process and seek input on future capital planning and investment in the Market System.


Workshop/Meeting Date Presentation Files
Generator Commissioning Process Workshop May 2014
HVDC Round Power Presentation Apr 2014
Workshop Nov 2012