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Title Date Description
PR-RR-017 Calculating Amount of MW Lost [ pdf 478.9 KB ] Oct 18 This details how the System Operator calculates the ‘amount of MW lost’ in an under-frequency event. This amount is used, under Part 8, 8.64 of the ‘Code’, to calculate the amount payable by the causer of the under-frequency event.
PR-EA-010 Planned Asset Testing [ pdf 634.24 KB ] Aug 16 Used to provide a process for managing Asset Owners' requests to carry out asset testing while connected to the power system.
Commissioning/Decommissioning Policy and Process [ pdf 237.83 KB ] Feb 07 This abridged document for third party asset owners provides an outline of the process to follow through commissioning and decommissioning.
Distributor Manual Demand Disconnection Process [ pdf 213.31 KB ] Sep 10 This process will be used by the System Operator to instruct Distributors to manually disconnect demand during grid emergencies where required.

PR-SD-004 Conflict of Interest Procedure [ pdf 952.03 KB ]

May 18 This procedure is to assist Transpower staff and employed consultants to comply with the obligations detailed in the 'Code', namely to identify, evaluate and manage any conflicts of interest.
PR-OC-204 Security Constraints Process Overview [ pdf 713.64 KB ] Jul 17 This document gives background information about the security constraint development process. It explains the SPD model and constraint types, and gives an overview of considerations around applying constraints.
PR-OC-229 Update Register, Email Notification CANs Updating Website [ pdf 616.14 KB ] Nov 17 This procedure explains the process for:
  • sending an email notification of constraint changes
    • drafting a Customer Advice Notice (CAN)
  • sending an update to the System Operator website.
SP-OC-759 Outage Planning Policy [ pdf 821.39 KB ] Feb 19 This policy sets out the overall objective and principles that:
  • Transpower as grid owner will follow in scheduling outages and
  • Transpower as system operator will follow in assessing outages and identifying and alleviating security concerns.


Title/Link Date Description
grid-owner-acs [ xls 320 KB ] Apr 04 ACS spreadsheet for Grid Owners.
Distributor ACS [ xlsm 131.96 KB ] Jul 17 ACS spreadsheet for Distributors.
distributor-demand-shed-datasheet [ xls 39 KB ] Oct 10 Used to notify the System Operator GXP demand shedding capability.
FM-EA-006 Notice of Intention to Connect [ docx 62.38 KB ] Jul 17 Information required by the System Operator where a generator with the net output greater than 1 MW intends to connect to the grid or a local network.
FM-EA-008 Generator Notice of Initial Offer [ dotx 56.31 KB ] Dec 16

This form must be completed for each generating plant that is intended to be offered on the market.

FM-EA-009 Purchaser Notice of Initial Bid [ dotx 48.89 KB ] Dec 16 This form must be completed for each GXP that a purchaser intends to submit bids for.
FM-EA-010 Test Plan [ dotx 84.05 KB ] Feb 19 Form to be used to notify the System Operator of Asset Testing of plant while connected to the power system.
FM-EA-011 Urgent Asset Capability Change Notice [ dotx 63.2 KB ] Jul 17 Form to be used to notify the System Operator of an Urgent Asset Capability Change of plant.
FM-EA-301 DCLS Application form [ docx 127.1 KB ] Feb 19 This form must be completed for each dispatch-capable load station (DCLS) for which the purchaser is seeking approval/amending or withdrawing.
FM-EA-302 DCLS check list [ dotx 71.04 KB ] Sep 18 The purpose of this list is to identify if a prospective DCLS participant has addressed all requirements necessary in order to apply to the System Operator to become a DCLS.
FM-EA-502 SFK Test Plan Form [ docx 72.38 KB ]Mar 19   Form to be used to notify the System Operator of Single Frequency Keeper Testing of plant while connected to the power system.
FM-DP-001 Notification of GXP exceeding MIDC limits.dotx [ dotx 49.33 KB ] Jun 19 Form to be used by participants to notify the System Operator of GXPs that the instantaneous demand change limit as defined in the policy statement clause 39.1 has the capability to be exceeded.


Title Date Description
Asset Capability Information Overview [ pdf 733.29 KB ] Oct 10 This document gives an overview of what is required in an ACS and the timing of submission of data to the System Operator.
Black Start Scope [ pdf 21.38 KB ] Sep 06 High level scope of black start service test.
GL-EA-010 Companion Guide for Asset Testing [ pdf 3.19 MB ] Oct 12 Provides guidance on test objectives and the required test results for routine and commissioning tests for assets including those which are the subject of an ancillary services procurement contract. The guide outlines the types of tests that could be carried out to achieve the test objective and relevant standards and codes to assist asset owners.
SSF Guidelines [ pdf 666.68 KB ] Oct 10 These guidelines cover the purpose, content, principles, forecast horizon, assumptions and assessment in system security forecasts.
Standard Site Abbreviations [ xlsx 454.13 KB ] May 19 Standard three letter site abbreviations used by Transpower and the the type of site.
GL-DP-381 Issuing Dispatch Instructions to a Dispatch-Capable Load Station [ pdf 528 KB ] Aug 19 This document exists in order to provide information to market participants on how dispatch instructions will be issued to an approved dispatch-capable load station (DCLS).
GL-EA-303 DCLS approval process guidelines [ pdf 1.12 MB ] Apr 18 This document is to assist purchasers obtain approval from the System Operator for a device or group of devices at a GXP to become a dispatch-capable load station (DCLS).
GL-EA-404 Companion Guide for Commissioning Generation [ pdf 1.99 MB ] Nov 18 This Companion Guide provides guidelines on typical activities that need to be considered when connecting and testing new generation, or when decommissioning generation.
GL-EA-716 Power Plant Dynamic Model Validation and Submission Prerequisites [ pdf 1.14 MB ] Mar 19 This document has been prepared to assist Asset Owners in understanding the requirements for developing mathematical models of equipment and their supporting information when required to be submitted to the System Operator.
GL-EA-789 Interim Operational Guideline for Connection of New Generation Technology Sep 19

Guideline to support connection and participation of utility scale Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and inverter connected solar farms in the wholesale electricity market

GL-SD-204 Load Forecast Methodology and Processes [ pdf 1.39 MB ] May 19 Provides an overview of the Energy Management System (EMS)  Load Forecast tool, its major sources of data, processing and output. The output of the EMS Load Forecast tool is used as the basis of the Medium Term Load Forecast (MTLF) within the Market System.
GL-SD-417 Shortage Situations and Scarcity Pricing [ pdf 513.89 KB ] Aug 19 This document describes the process by which a Scarcity Pricing situation could eventuate, starting with the development of a Shortage Situation.
UG-DP-001 Purch Exceeding Max Inst Demand Change Limits Guide [ pdf 524.15 KB ] Jun 19 Guide for demand customers to use to notify the System Operator where the maximum instantaneous demand change limit and net rates of change in offtake for electricity exceeds 40 MW per minute within each island or is more than a 75 MW change in any 5 minute period.
UG-SD-785 Web Service Dispatch Simulator User Guide Aug 2019 This is the user guide for the Web Services Dispatch Simulator (“the Simulator”). The Simulator is provided for testing of participants’ Web Services dispatch interfaces. The Simulator will send dispatch-like instructions automatically or manually to selected nodes configured to a Participant’s Dispatch Endpoint. The language in this User Guide assumes detailed technical knowledge of Dispatch System concepts.

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