Market Insights

Transpower’s Market Insights team supports the operation of the wholesale electricity market, helps implement market initiatives, and investigates how future market developments may impact System Operations. This page is intended as a source for Electricity Market information we are able to make available to our external customers. This includes new types of information, as well as links to information posted elsewhere on the Transpower website.

Market Summary

Most Recent Reports (the last five)

12 November 2017 [ pdf 626.41 KB ]
5 November 2017 [ pdf 782.39 KB ]
29 October 2017 [ pdf 655.24 KB ]
22 October 2017 [ pdf 632.49 KB ]

15 October 2017 [ pdf 605.9 KB ]

Previous Market Summaries


Market Matters

These reports provide technical explanations and market observations for traders and analysts.

Most Recent Reports (the last four)

Management of North Island Over Frequency Risk [ pdf 390.85 KB ]
Market impact of reserve sharing [ pdf 718.8 KB ]
Further pricing details for the 12th to 15th July 2017 [ pdf 686.4 KB ]
How the HVDC transfer sticky point at 22.5MW occurs and how it affects the market [ pdf 821.04 KB ]

Previous Market Matters


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