Dispensations/Equivalence Arrangements

Asset Owners can apply for a dispensation or equivalence arrangement where they are not able to comply with a Code requirement.

If you are an Asset Owner who is not able to comply with a requirement of the Electricity Industry Participation Code (the 'Code'), you may apply to the system operator for:

  • a dispensation to be granted pursuant to Part 8 of the 'Code' or,
  • equivalence arrangement to be approved pursuant to Part 8 of the 'Code'.

Register of  Dispensations and Equivalence Arrangements

The system operator provides a register which records equivalence arrangements, dispensations and alternative ancillary service arrangements. The register is in the form of an online database and all processes relating to the Dispensation/Equivalence arrangement are managed within this database; this includes applying for the Dispensation/Equivalence through to approval and publication of the Dispensation/Equivalence.

Assess to the database is limited to registered participants.

To gain access to the database, please email your contact details to: system.operator@transpower.co.nz and we will notify you of the website address and arrange a logon to access the database.

Register of Granted Dispensations [ xlsx 35.5 KB ](updated Nov 2017)

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