Hydro Risk Curves

Current Status

The graphs below compare New Zealand and South Island controlled storage to the relevant Hydro Risk Curves.

As of 23 April, New Zealand and South Island controlled storage is below average for the time of year. The risk level is Security Normal for both islands.

Latest New Zealand Hydro Risk and South Island Hydro Risk Curves [ pdf 43.41 KB ]
Hydro Risk Curve Input Assumptions [ pdf 847.69 KB ] (Effective from 21 Apr 2017)
Hydro Risk Curve Data for 2017 [ xlsx 27.29 KB ] (Effective from 21 Apr 2017) 
Simulated Storage Trajectories [ pdf 184.08 KB ] (Updated 29 Mar 2017)
Simulated Storage Trajectories: Assumptions [ pdf 712.16 KB ] (Updated 29 Mar 2017)
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