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What is this project about?

The Electronic Dispatch Facility (EDF) is the component of the Market System that sends dispatch instructions to, and receives acknowledgements from generators and reserve providers. Participants are required to use the GENCO to receive and acknowledge these dispatch instructions.

Industry participants have highlighted issues they are experiencing with the current dispatch management arrangement. These include:

  • Current reliability issues with the dispatch management system, which limits optimal dispatch operation;
  • Current ISD communications protocol and GENCO software inhibiting innovation and efficiencies to the market in light of a changing market environment;
  • The communications protocol being a barrier to entry for new dispatch participants to fully participate in the market, which limits market competition; and
  • The current dispatch management system not being flexible and scalable for effective implementation of changes to dispatch.

The New Zealand electricity market environment is changing with emerging business models, increasing uptake of new technologies and evolving market arrangements.

In this context, industry participants and Transpower have observed a growing need to refresh the dispatch system to enable more optimal dispatch management and enable the increase of market participation, and the uptake of new dispatch products and functionality as the electricity market is evolving.

What will the Dispatch Service Enhancement Project deliver?

The project will provide:

  • Alternate communications protocols, both ICCP and Web Services, to enable current dispatch participants who use ICCP to consolidate their communications, and to enable smaller participants, for whom ICCP is not cost-effective, to be able to participate fully in the market and use a protocol that that best fits their dispatch operation and their level of investment.
  • Dispatch configuration changes, which will enable a more comprehensive dispatch service through enabling new dispatch products and/or functionality to be implemented effectively and related dispatch information to be shared to inform decision-making.
  • Dual network redundancy for dispatch participants currently on a single network route connection through the GENCO One Office IPV.

The project does not include the transition of current participants to alternate communications protocols or connection to potential new participants. The actual transition of participants will occur after the project is completed. The project will work with the participants to manage expectations around the post-project transition.


Key Project Milestones

Milestone Description


Detailed Design

End September 2018

Build Phase Completed

Early February 2019

Transition Process Plan Completed

End March 2019

Testing Completed

Early June 2019

Deployment Completed

Early July 2019

Post-Project Transition Completed

End December 2020

How to get involved

If you are:

  1. an industry participant using GENCO
  2. an Interruptible Load (IL) provider/generator using a trading agent to provide dispatch
  3. or a potential new dispatch participant

And if you have not been involved during the previous period, and would like to be directly involved during this delivery phase, please provide your contact details to the Project Manager, Marije Postma.

Related Information

Electricity Authority Website - Consultation documentation (consultation is closed)
EDF Phase III - Investment Decision [ pdf 1.59 MB ]

Further Information

For further information on the Dispatch Service Enhancement Project, contact Marije Postma, the System Operator Project Manager.

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