DSE Project Industry Workshop

Transpower will be hosting several DSE Project industry workshops during the delivery phase. These workshops are intended to provide participants updates on the project and share important (technical) information / documentation to ensure the participants will be well-prepared for transition after the DSE project has completed.

These workshops also offer a valuable opportunity for Transpower to receive further feedback from participants on the solution approach.

Currently, the project team has planned for three industry workshops. The timing and proposed topics are documented below.

Workshops (Delivery Phase)

Workshop Date Workshop Topics
15 Feb 2018
  • Workshop Objectives
  • Background and Project Overview
  • Dispatch Management – Operational Perspective
  • Regulatory Framework – Proposed Changes
  • Discussion
  • Dispatch Management – Technical Approach
  • What’s Next?
  • High Level Timeline
  • Ongoing Engagement
  • Proof of Concept Demo
  • Questions?

DSE Industry Workshop Presentation.15 February 2018 [ pdf 1.09 MB ]

30 November 2018
  • Proposed Topics:

    • General project update
    • Detailed design walk-through
    • Discuss draft integration pack/interface specification
    • Transition process planning update

DSE Industry Workshop Presentation 30 November 2018 [ pdf 648.93 KB ]

February 2019
  • To be confirmed
May 2019
  • To be confirmed