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What is this programme about?

The Electronic Dispatch Facility (EDF) is the component of the Market System that sends dispatch instructions to, and receives receipt acknowledgements from generators and reserve providers.

To ensure reliability and longevity Transpower is undertaking a three-phase EDF upgrade. The programme objectives are:

  1. Ensure safe, secure and reliable delivery of system operator services to the market;
  2. Reduce technical barriers to market entry and participation; and
  3. Increase flexibility and reduce complexity in using a dispatch system.

The three-phase EDF upgrade will ensure:

  • EDF is running on supported software and hardware (EDF Phase I - completed);
  • It operates through a secure Transpower communications network (EDF Phase II); and
  • Is using up-to-date electronic communications protocols to enhance greater flexibility and lower complexity for market participants (EDF Phase III).


What is the scope of the programme?

The projects identified within this programme are summarised as follows:

Project Description

EDF Phase 1

Upgrade EDF application components and supporting environments to the latest OS.

EDF Phase 2

Improve EDF security by moving the EDF to a more secure network location and improve the security network connections for GENCOs that utilise Transpower’s Legacy network.
EDF Phase 3

Enhance EDF through the use of up-to-date electronic communications protocols, and to allow greater flexibility and lower complexity managing dispatch information and additional paths.

For related information see the EDF Information on the Electricity Authority website.

Managing the above projects as a programme recognises the dependencies between them and allows communications to be coordinated to optimise engagement with Industry participants during phase 2 and 3. This will contribute to improving the outcomes to the Industry and providing Industry benefit as a whole. 

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Further Information

For further information contact Marije Postma, the System Operator Programme Owner.

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