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Latest Meeting update

With the RFM Programme now completed the six monthly RFM Programme Industry Forum and bi-monthly Engagement Group have now been discontinued. The topics discussed at these sessions are listed on this page.

RFM Programme Industry Forum

Every six months the system operator and the Electricity Authority jointly hosted a half day RFM forum for industry participants. At this forum we provided progress updates and presentations on topics and decisions that would be of particular interest to the industry. These forums also offered a valuable opportunity for the SO and EA to get input and learn from industry who are operating in these markets.

Agenda Items

Workshop Date Workshop Topics
24 Nov 2015
  • Programme update 
  • FKC Trial Report – Update on recommendations that are underway.
  • Normal Frequency Management Strategy Project:
  • Observations post deployment of SIR sharing
  • Review of IR Markets – Planned next steps and timelines
  • National Market for Instantaneous Reserves project update:
    • Pricing of IR in island with no binding risk
    • Modelling of IR reserve sharing during HVDC transfer direction change transition
  • Extended Reserves Update
  • Publication of Market Information Via WITS – Update from the EA
Workshop Presentation [ pdf 1.65 MB ]  

19 Jun 2015

  • Programme update – brief overview of progress on component projects
  • FKC Trial: what did we learn; interim FKC operation; ideas and future direction
  • Normal frequency management strategy work; what are we doing and why; where might it lead
  • Interim inter-island Instantaneous reserve sharing: update on SIR sharing
  • National instantaneous reserves market project update, what’s next
  • Review of instantaneous reserves market update (alternative reserve products).
  • Industry panel discussion:
    • The future landscape/environment/requirement for reserves
  • RFM programme industry communication; what we’ve done
Workshop Presentation [ pdf 988.34 KB ] Handout [ pdf 499.72 KB ]
Queries and Responses [ pdf 363.25 KB ]  
Nov 2014
  • Outline of RFM programme, programme management etc.
  • FKC: what is in place now; how trial is going; what the trial will deliver; next steps
  • SO security tools: what this project will deliver
  • RMT project: update of this project.  Industry impacts
  • Interim inter-island Instantaneous reserve sharing: what this is and what it will deliver
  • Extended reserves: project update
  • National frequency keeping market
  • National instantaneous reserves market
  • Industry panel discussion: systems and trading implications for industry
Workshop Presentation [ pdf 1.54 MB ]  

RFM Programme Industry Engagement Group

In addition to the six monthly industry forum and in response to feedback from the industry the SO and the EA initiated a second more frequent and smaller engagement group to be held every two months. The intention of the group was to allow a more detailed discussion-based meeting between project team members and key representatives of the organisations most impacted by what was being done.

Workshop Date Workshop Topics
Jun 2016
  • Normal Frequency Management Strategy Project:
    • Presentation of findings from recent investigations
    • New work that is underway
    • Draft roadmap for this work stream
  • Future IR Products
    • Presentation of findings from recent investigation
    • Next stage of work
  • National Market for IR
    • Detailed walkthrough of the new constraints and relevant operating scenarios
  • Brief update on the IR availability cost allocation
Workshop Presentation [ pdf 1002.22 KB ] NMIR Industry Scenarios (workbook) [ xlsx 189.07 KB ]
NMIR Industry Scenarios (final) [ pptx 1.07 MB ] NMIR Design Features [ pdf 565.46 KB ]
Feb 2016
  • Normal Frequency Management - MFK Island Split Investigation
  • Probable changes to the National Frequency Management Market Project as planned
    • NMIR - Update on SIR Notch
    • NMIR - Reduced Voltage decisions
    • NMIR - Discussions on Loss modelling
    • NMIR - Effectiveness Factors
  • Future IR Products  - Brief Update
    • Investigation timeline
    • Interim Progress Update
  • Participant testing for NMIR
Workshop Presentation [ pdf 847.94 KB ]
Nov 2015
  • Normal Frequency Management Strategy - Interim Solution Option Analysis
  • National market for IR project, presentation and discussion on approach and findings to date:
    • Reserve losses arising from transfer between islands.
    • Effectiveness factors, the concept and what they might be used for.
    • Reserves market post contingent event – RAF’s to zero
    • Including primary station based manual risks when co-optimising energy and reserves.
    • Dealing with sharing limits at around 0MW.
    • Impacts of ‘Slave Pole’ discharge in forward looking schedules
    • Schedules and proposals of what to publish.
    • Progress on the exporting island price solution approach
Workshop Presentation [ pdf 901.4 KB ]
Sep 2015
  • RFM Programme Status Update
  • FKC Trial Report Recommendations - Work Programme Update
  • Normal Frequency Management Strategy project:
    • Governor response analysis
    • Discussion on exacerbator pays option for frequency keeping
    • What happens next (following completion of this stage of the investigation)
  • National market for IR project: How to calculate efficient IR price in exporting island?
  • Review of IR markets project: Summary of findings from the previous teleconference
  • National IR Market - IR Constraints  in forward looking schedules
  • Upcoming programme milestones
Workshop Presentation [ pdf 1.22 MB ]
Jul 2015
  • RFM Programme Status Update
  • Review of the FKC report and where and how the recommendations are being considered
  • (Following on from above) what is being considered by the Normal Frequency Management Strategy investigation?
  • Review of Instantaneous Reserves Market
  • Impacts of the Security Tools project deployment
  • Upcoming programme milestones
Workshop Presentation [ pdf 598.53 KB ]  
May 2015
  • Purpose of the RFM Engagement Group
  • How the group fits into the RFM communications approach
  • RFM Programme Status Update
  • The FKC Trial: findings and discussion on the modulation risk approach
  • Normal Frequency Keeping Strategy – Scope, approach and timings
  • Proposed changes to round-power DC risk modelling
  • Suggested items for panel discussion at June RFM forum
  • Upcoming programme milestones
Workshop Presentation [ pdf 601 KB ] FAQs from Workshop [ pdf 278.34 KB ]