Extended Reserves Technical Working Group

The extended reserves technical working group (ERTWG) was established to investigate and trial the proposed changes to the AUFLS system, as outlined in the Electricity Authority’s “Efficient procurement of Extended Reserve – draft Code amendment” consultation paper.

The Authority’s proposal includes changing the technical (scheme set-up) and procurement (which loads are ‘armed’) aspects of the existing AUFLS system. The proposed changes are outlined in Authority’s consultation paper which provides details on the expectations of what will be required from electricity distribution businesses (EDB’s) and direct connected customers with respect to the provision of Extended Reserves (AUFLS) in the near future. 

The (ERTWG) will review and discuss the changes being proposed from a physical implementation perspective in order to ensure a mutual understanding of what the changes entail and how they may affect customers. 

The group was established by the System Operator and the Electricity Authority in April 2014 and it comprises representatives from six load customers, the System Operator, the grid owner and the Electricity Authority. The ERTWG is expected to conclude its work in September 2014.

Reference Documents

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes Additional Information
30 Apr 2014 Meeting 1 [ pdf 257.6 KB ] Slides for meeting [ pdf 820.94 KB ]
15 May 2014 Meeting 2 [ pdf 179.71 KB ]  
19 Jun 2014 Meeting 3 [ pdf 177.2 KB ]  
28 Aug 2014   Trial Procurement Schedule Guide [ pdf 523.2 KB ]
11 Sep 2014 Meeting 5 [ pdf 364.13 KB ] Slides for meeting [ pptx 470.11 KB ]

Other Documents

EA consultation paper (Electricity Authority website)
ERTWG terms of reference [ pdf 348.68 KB ]
Information requirements clarification [ pdf 523.33 KB ]
AUFLS unit information [ xlsx 15.13 KB ]
Technical requirements schedule [ pdf 478.91 KB ]
Selection methodology [ pdf 505.65 KB ]
Relay testing strawman [ pdf 395.62 KB ]
Extended Reserve Technical Working Group Recommendation Report [ pdf 1.1 MB ]