Invitation to comment: Credible Event Review (CER)

Closing date for submissions 5:00pm, Friday 25 Octboer 2019

Transpower as the System Operator has reviewed the Busbars Classification for Frequency . This has been completed as part of its responsibility under the Policy Statement, to undertake a Credible Event Review (CER).

We extend the opportunity to consult with participants on the following:

  • The approach and methodology of the busbar classification for frequency assessment
  • The proposed outcomes of this assessment

General feedback on any changes is also welcome.

Busbar Classification for Frequency [ pdf 1.72 MB ]

Submit Your Feedback

Please provide us with any comments no later than 5:00pm, Friday 25 October 2019.

Please email electronic versions (Microsoft Word or PDF) with the subject line “Comments on Busbar Classification for Frequency Report” to

Receipt of comments will be acknowledged electronically. Please contact Bharti Patel if you do not receive electronic acknowledgement of your comments within three business days.