Invitation to Comment: Draft Procurement Plan

Closing date for comments 5pm Monday 20 January 2020

Procurement Plan Review

The Ancillary Services Procurement Plan (‘Procurement Plan’), among other things:

  • specifies the principles the System Operator must apply in assessing what and how much in the way of ancillary services to procure;
  • contains a methodology for making that assessment;
  • outlines the process for procurement of ancillary services;
  • specifies the administrative costs for ancillary services procurement; and
  • outlines the technical requirements and key contracting terms the System Operator will apply in entering into contracts for ancillary services.

The System Operator currently procures five ancillary services: frequency keeping, instantaneous reserve, over frequency reserve, voltage support and black start.

The System Operator has reviewed the Procurement Plan and proposes changes to technical requirements for:

  • frequency keeping testing and monitoring;
  • instantaneous reserve testing and data logging;
  • over frequency reserve testing; and
  • black start planned outage notifications.

These changes are detailed in the draft Procurement Plan, Appendix B.

The Invitation to Comment also identifies potential future changes to the Procurement Plan to:

  • address over provision of instantaneous reserve; and
  • improve instantaneous reserve monitoring.
draft Procurement Plan 2018-19 - Clean [ pdf 562.79 KB ]
draft Procurement Plan 2018-19 - Marked-up [ pdf 583.05 KB ]
Procurement Plan 2018-19 - Invitation to Comment [ pdf 662.24 KB ]

The current version of the Procurement Plan is available here.

Submit your Feedback

We invite participants to submit their comments on both the draft Procurement Plan and potential future changes to the Procurement Plan contained in the Invitation to Comment. 


Please send your submission to, with the subject line “AS Procurement Plan Review 2019-20, before 5:00pm on Monday 20 January 2020.

Receipt of comments will be acknowledged electronically. Please contact Steve Torrens if you do not receive electronic acknowledgement of your comments within three business days.