Planned Outage Coordination Process

The System Operator, with the support of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG), has completed its third review of the Planned Outage Coordination Process (POCP).

The outcome from this review has been for the TAG to recommend to the System Operator that the POCP application be updated to include more and better information, as well as to transfer the application to a more modern IT environment. Moving to a more modern IT environment will help improve existing functionality and enable further development in the future.

A copy of the TAG's recommendation report and the System Operators response are available below. As outlined in the response report, the System Operator is looking to undertake the following steps, based on the recommendations made by the TAG:

  • formal review of TAG recommendation report
  • identification of which recommendations to implement and when
  • confirm the functional and non-functional user requirements
  • develop a business case
  • discuss the issue of funding with the Electricity Authority
  • agree with the Electricity Authority an implementation plan for proposed changes
  • timeline and schedule implementation.

Documents from the latest review

SO Response to POCP TAG Recommendation Report 2013 [ pdf 327.89 KB ]
POCP TAG Recommendation Report [ pdf 439.16 KB ]
TAG Meeting Action List [ pdf 195.68 KB ]
POCP Business Rules as at 10 July [ pdf 285.82 KB ]
POCP Upgrade update and questionnaire Aug 14 [ docx 157.01 KB ]
POCP Upgrade update 15 Aug 14 [ pdf 103.11 KB ]

We are working toward implementing the changes by mid-2014. Updates on the progress on the proposed changes will be provided here over the next few months.

Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to thank the members of the TAG for their engagement and contribution to the POCP review process. The TAG's commitment and the associated quality of their input continues to make this a very productive and worthwhile process for the System Operator.

2013 Review

Meeting Date Documentation
7 August 2013 Meeting Minutes [ pdf 313.77 KB ]
10 July 2013 Meeting Minutes [ pdf 297.39 KB ]
12 June 2013 Meeting Minutes [ pdf 324.43 KB ]
22 May 2013 Meeting Minutes [ pdf 246.53 KB ]
Terms of Reference [ pdf 143.73 KB ]

2009 Review

Meeting Date Documentation
3 July 2009 Meeting Minutes [ pdf 40.9 KB ]
POCP Review Report [ pdf 104.07 KB ]
18 May 2009 Meeting Minutes [ pdf 127.4 KB ]
NZGB Briefing (NZ Generation Balance) [ pdf 247.92 KB ]
9 April 2009 Meeting Minutes [ pdf 45.9 KB ]

2006 Review

Meeting Date Documentation
  POCP Review Report [ pdf 132.65 KB ]
3 May 2006 Meeting Minutes [ pdf 35.23 KB ]
5 April 2006 Meeting Minutes [ pdf 117.29 KB ]
8 March 2006 Meeting Minutes [ pdf 89.82 KB ]
Background Briefing Paper [ pdf 37.04 KB ]

POCP Tutorial Videos

Videos that explain how to navigate POCP and perform searches for outages are available on our Transpower YouTube channel.

Look for the playlist Planned Outage Co-ordination Process.


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