Response to 9 August 2021 Grid Emergency

On 9 Aug 2021 the country faced the largest demand peak in response to one of the coldest nights of the year. As system operator, we called a Grid Emergency when insufficient generation was available to meet demand, leading to some customers being disconnected. A number of reviews of this event are underway including an independent review commissioned by Transpower to help us understand the event and industry’s response on the night, to identify where we need to make changes. As system operator, we have a programme of work underway to address recommendations from each of the reports, which includes industry engagement.

Event reviews and responses 

Date Description Link
12 Oct 2021 Transpower-commissioned review, PBA Consulting Independent Investigation Report [ pdf 2.19 MB ]
12 Oct 2021 Transpower-commissioned review, Thompson Lewis Independent Investigation ­‑ Stakeholder Communications Report [ pdf 178.12 KB ]
24 Sep 2021 Transpower response to immediate assurance review (letter and attachment)



10 Sep 2021 Electricity Authority, Phase 1 Immediate Assurance Review Report

Industry briefings and presentations

The System Operator will be holding an online industry briefing at 10 am on Wednesday 20 October. It will provide an update on the investigations and emerging themes related to the insufficient generation event of 9 August 2021. It will focus on short term recommendations and improvements and cover:

  • Outline the proposed principles for responding to a similar situation in the future, including prioritising the use of controllable load;
  • Provide information about the various communication points that indicate a future potential shortfall in generation; and,
  • Launch a set of planned enhancements to operational communications and notices.

Email for the link to join the briefing.