TPM: TCC Workshop preparation material

Pre-workshop material

Here is the pre-workshop material for the TCC workshops, held on 6 October 2020 as part of the TPM Development Project.

Link Content
A video from the Electricity Authority Director Transmission Pricing Rob Bernau explains the EA's option for a TCC.
TCC information and context [ pdf 1.06 MB ] Information and context about a possible TCC, addressing relevant considerations about the need for a TCC, an overview of System Operator tools for managing supply and demand (including after the implementation of Real-Time Pricing), and some practical design considerations.
Also includes an outline for the workshops and questions for discussion.
Excerpts from EA TPM documents [ pdf 553.98 KB ] Published information about a possible TCC, taken from the EA's June 2020 TPM Decision Paper and its March 2020 paper on Peak charges under proposed TPM Guidelines.
2018 Grid Owner case studies relating to RCPD removal  [ pdf 147.84 KB ] A relevant excerpt from our 2018 document The role of peak pricing for transmission that examines RCPD removal and the effect on investment. The full document is available here.

We welcome your interest in this topic and appreciate your engagement with this material.