Bhavish Kumar

Bhavish Kumar - Graduate 2013

Bhavish Kumar
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with First Class Honours in Electrical & Electronic Engineering  

How did the graduate programme set you up for the role you are now in? 

In terms of my current role, it was about building perspectives on what the different parts of the business does. Also, the networks you build are invaluable. How effective you are at your role and what you learn comes down to the networks you build. I would not have got the roles I’ve had, if I didn’t have the perspective, or the networks. 

It's a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of a variety of work from detailed technical work to project management. It gives you an initial steer to understand what you like. What I struggled with when I left university is finding what I liked, the graduate programme gives you the chance to try so many different roles that you wouldn’t get the chance to normally do. 

What do you think is the Transpower difference? 

We have a higher purpose, what we do directly has an impact on New Zealand. So you feel like you're doing something for the greater good. 

What was the most surprising thing you found being on the grad programme? 

How much I enjoyed moving between the different offices and living in different NZ cities! As a staunch Aucklander, I thought that would never be the case. 

How were you made to feel part of the Transpower whanau? 

I've been part of the Whanau for over 11 years and the biggest thing for me has been the people. Everyone makes you feel so welcomed and everyone always has time for you. 

Any words of advice?

Never say no to any opportunity (no matter how big or small) and follow your natural interests. You never know how it serve you a few years down the line.