Security of Supply

National hydro storage has decreased since the last update. South Island storage is now at 95% of full and the North Island 80% of full. Renewable generation was 79% of total generation over the last 7 days.

Transpower held another industry-wide conference call on 22 January 2020 to advise on repair plans for the damaged Islington-Roxburgh line. Please see further details here.  

The first HVDC bipole outage was carried out on 18 January as planned. We are currently in a 2 week period until 1 Feb where the HVDC is in monopole (Pole 3 only) and the HVDC electrode is on an outage. The next HVDC bipole outage is scheduled for 1 February. We have previously carried out analysis for this period which can be found on our website here. We do not currently foresee any risk to security of supply..

Electricity Risk Curves

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New Zealand and South Island storage are both in the Normal range.


Hydro Information

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Storage decreased in the North Island and increased in the South Island over the last week, with South Island storage at 95% of full and North Island storage at 80% of full.


Market Indicators

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Renewable generation over the last seven days was 79% of total generation, with hydro generation accounting for 55% of total generation.


Policies and Publications

Includes information on the Annual Assessment and Transpower policies related to Security of Supply: the SoSFIP, EMP, and SOROP.



There are currently no security of supply consultations.