Security of Supply


As system operator every Thursday we update the weekly status of generation fuel required for power generation in New Zealand.

National storage levels have continued the steady decline experienced since late July, with storage now at 105% of average.  This is as expected for this time of year, when precipitation in the South Island often falls as snow, so inflows are at their lowest annually. Demand remains at elevated winter levels.

Electricity Risk

New Zealand and South Island storage are both in the Normal range.


Hydro Information

National hydro storage is at healthy levels for this time of year, with South Island storage at 61% of full and North Island storage at 60% of full.


Market Indicators

Renewable generation over the last seven days was 83% of total generation, with hydro generation accounting for 66% of total generation.


Policies and Publications

Includes information on the Annual Assessment and Transpower policies related to Security of Supply: the SoSFIP, EMP, and SOROP.



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