Factsheet: electric and magnetic fields from underground transmission cabling

Transpower is aware that electric and magnetic fields associated with its transmission network can raise concerns with the public.

The safety of the public and our staff is fundamental to our business and our works are designed to comply with the international guidelines recommended by the NZ Ministry of Health.

Information for Disclosure 2011

The Electricity (Information Disclosure) Regulations 1999 form part of the Government's regulatory regime for the electricity sector. The purpose and nature of these Regulations is described in the Electricity Information Disclosure Handbook published by The Ministry of Economic Development. Transpower is covered by these regulations and is therefore required to publish the information prescribed in the Handbook.

Transmission Pricing 2012

From April 2008, Transpower is required to use the Electricity Authority's Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM) to allocate Transpower's revenue requirement via connection, interconnection and HVDC charges for its customers.