Chantelle Tomon

Chantelle Tomon, System Coordinator

Chantelle Tomen

Why did you choose to join Transpower? 

I was first introduced to Transpower when I was studying at the University of Auckland. Their role as the owner and operator of the national grid and System Operator was discussed in lectures and during industry showcases.

My interest was piqued, and I ended up at a Transpower careers presentation where I was fascinated by all the work they do for New Zealand. After a brief time back home overseas, I migrated back to New Zealand and was delighted to join the Transpower team and contribute to their work.

Transpower’s role plays a vital role in New Zealand’s electricity sector and the work I do not only contributes to the professional development of engineering career, but also to New Zealand.

What makes you proud / happy to be working here? 

Providing a service that enhances the overall quality of life gives me great pride and satisfaction in my job. Working at Transpower has given me valuable insights into how small, yet significant, tasks done well can contribute to the continual improvement and growth of the entire country.

What’s the best part of your role? 
The beauty of my job is that there is nothing typical about any one day; every day is different. Anything can happen on the grid at any time, so no matter the day, you’re always on your toes and up for a challenge.