EMF commitment

Transpower is the owner and operator of the National Grid – the high voltage transmission network made up of lines and substations connecting areas of electricity generation with towns and cities across New Zealand.

This Commitment applies to the EMF of extremely low frequency as associated with Transpower’s electricity transmission assets - its transmission lines, substations and cables.

Transpower commits to:

  • Ensure that all new infrastructure is designed and operated to comply with the EMF guidelines recommended by the New Zealand Ministry of Health.
  • Ensure that, where practicable, existing and uprated infrastructure is operated within these same guidelines.
  • Where available, employ low-cost precautionary measures for new assets to further reduce exposures.
  • Keep abreast of, and where appropriate contribute and respond to, developments in national and international consensus on the management of EMF and its potential effects; and to ensure that this knowledge is adequately communicated to stakeholders and staff.
  • Provide for engagement with various stakeholders on matters including general understanding of EMF and concerns regarding the fields created by Transpower’s activities.
  • Employ appropriate occupational health and safety management measures to control EMF exposures, for its staff and for its contractors.

For further information, please contact:
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