Hanna Cheng

Hanna Cheng - Graduate 2023

Hanna Cheng
Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, minor in Power Engineering from the University of Canterbury. 

Now you are part way through the graduate programme, where do you think this work will take you? 

Throughout this past year, I have gained many insights into the industry and how each section plays a role in ensuring the lights stay on.  The opportunity to rotate through different teams has widened my perspective and has definitely helped my figure out what type of work I'm interested in and will potentially specialise in. I remain open-minded about future opportunities and am excited to experience the last of my placements for this year.  

What do you think is the Transpower difference? 

The work environment and the people. Everyone I've met throughout my placements has been very approachable and always willing to share their knowledge. It’s a great way to meet people from all across the company. 

In terms of the graduate programme, the structure is what really stands out for me. Firstly, it allows you to rotate between the different teams across the whole company and is quite personalised to what you are interested in. 

This is perfect for a recent graduate because when I was in University, I had no idea what kind of work is available out there but also what I actually enjoyed. The managers of the teams are also very prepared for your arrival and strive to give you interesting work instead of just admin tasks so you really get the full experience of the team. 

What has been the most surprising thing you have found being on this programme?  

What I have found surprising is the support that you receive while you're on the graduate programme. Everything is planned out and organised. It's obvious that the company has put a lot of effort into ensuring we felt well-supported as we transitioned from students to working in the industry. 

What made you feel part of the Transpower whanau? 

The people. Everyone, regardless of their position or department is so friendly, approachable and so easy to talk to. The teams are not shy of celebrating your efforts and I have made so many life-long friends during my time here. 

Any words of advice?   

Regardless of which industry you end up in, I recommend looking for a company that priorities your learning and development. What I've found is being in a team that made me feel comfortable and supported, significantly improved my experience and I've also realised I learn much faster that kind of environment.