Joshua Roberts

Joshua – Graduate 2023 

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechatronics Engineering 

How did the graduate programme set you up for the role you are now in? 

It offered lots of learning opportunities – you get to move around different teams on a 3-6 month placement which means good exposure to the company and the industry.  My placements included project management, operational engineering, and works planning 

By the end of the grad programme, you have a familiarity with Transpower people, systems, and skills which makes you highly employable 

What was the most surprising thing you found being on this programme? 

The way the company is investing in our careers through professional development 

What has made you feel part of the Transpower whanau? 

There is a real sense of belonging that has developed through being part of a tight-knit graduate cohort  

Any words of advice? 

If you’re interested in electrifying the motu as we strive towards a zero-carbon future then you should definitely check out the Transpower graduate programme.