Maggie Keshaboina

Maggie Keshaboina, Applications Manager - Enterprise

Why did you choose to join Transpower? 

Maggie Keshaboina

I chose Transpower because of the vital role they play in the everyday lives of each New Zealander. Electricity is essential to every household, business and person in New Zealand, and Transpower is the enabling factor that connects the whole electricity industry together. This central role in the industry puts them at the forefront of New Zealand’s transition to a decarbonised economy. This means there’s always plenty to do and no two days presents the same challenge.

What makes you proud / happy to be working here? 

The list of reasons why I'm proud to be part of Transpower is simply too long. The organisation's culture and values, unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, emphasis on personal growth and development, diverse range of projects and initiatives, and their prioritisation of health, safety, and well-being—all contribute to their exceptional work environment.

However, what truly sets Transpower apart is its people. From our leadership team, to the guidance and support provided by my manager and co-workers, every individual within the organisation is truly inspiring. Their passion, expertise, and dedication make me genuinely proud to be a member of the Transpower team.

What’s the best part of your role? 

My role enables me to bring the best of my skills in operations management, project governance and people leadership experience to what I do every day. Over the years, I’ve been able to challenge myself and stretch these skills, while also learning new ones. The culture of support and encouragement reciprocated by my leaders, peers and team is what makes me look forward to giving my best to Transpower, every day.