Transpower releases 2017/18 Annual Report and Review

08 October 2018

Transpower New Zealand has today released its Annual Report for the 2017/18 financial year, alongside its interactive, online Annual Review.

Transpower Chief Executive Alison Andrew says the Annual Report and Review documents showcase Transpower’s commitment to integrated reporting, driving efficiencies to achieve our business outcomes.  The reports combine financial information with reporting on other aspects of the company such as Transpower’s social licence to operate, governance, diversity and how the organisation is helping to transition New Zealand to a low-carbon economy.

“Integrated reporting has become the standard framework for long-term business investment and decisions, and it’s clear to see how we are aligning our activities and performance to our strategic priorities.” Alison said.

Highlights of the reports include a director’s skills and risk matrix, a diversity model and case studies and video demonstrating progress against six strategic priorities.

“Our strategic priorities are the goals we work towards daily and are key for us to be able to meet the expectations of our customers, New Zealand’s electricity users, today and in the future.”

You can access Transpower's Annual Report and online Annual Review here.

For enquires please contact:

Corporate Communications Manager Kerri Osborne on 04 590 7473 or 021 195 86.