Update on tower replacement to restore 220 kV transmission line into Northland

22 Jun 2024

Linsey tower erected in Northland

Transpower made good progress raising a temporary tower to restore one of its two 220 kV transmission lines (circuits) into Northland today. 

However, it was not able to complete the transfer of all the conductor wire to the new tower before dark so has decided to delay the final phase of the work until Sunday morning out of concern for crew safety.

Transpower Executive General Manager Grid Delivery Mark Ryall said that with residents in Northland having sufficient supply to meet weekend demand through the 110 kV circuits, crew safety took priority.

“We had hoped to get the circuit restored today,” Mr Ryall said. “But it is complex and challenging work and we have encountered delays that mean we weren’t able to complete the work before it got dark and the weather deteriorated.

“To ensure the crews can complete the work safely the final works will be delayed until tomorrow morning.”

Mr Ryall said crews are still on track to meet Transpower’s Sunday deadline and boost capacity into Northland ahead of demand rising again from Monday morning.

“We thank Northland communities for their continued patience. I know it makes a big difference to our crews putting in the hard work on the ground.”

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