Niamh Scott

Niamh Scott, Market Analyst

Niamh Scott, Market Analyst

Why did you choose to join Transpower?

Transpower’s work in the electricity industry combines my passion for the environment and solving problems. New Zealand’s biggest challenges right now is to decarbonise, and Transpower’s work plays a key part in enabling our transition to a zero-carbon future. It’s an opportunity to help make a large-scale difference!

Their graduate programme also looked awesome – allowing me to test the waters of different roles and find the pathway which works best for me.

What makes you proud?

Everyone I have met is driven by passion about what they do – we are all working towards the same goal of New Zealand’s electrification future. Being new to the industry and the working life in general, I was excited. However, I was welcomed with compassion and support by my colleagues who are genuinely excited to share their knowledge. It means I am comfortable asking for help and so I end up learning heaps!

What’s the best part of your role?

When I left university, I didn’t know exactly which engineering pathway to take. Even within the energy industry, there are different opportunities.

The graduate programme has helped me to get more of an idea about what I enjoy in a job. Additionally, I understand a lot more about how the wider business functions and have a better idea of future opportunities because I’ve seen how much room there is for growth. Transpower also offers a great work-life balance, so I have heaps of time for all my after-work activities.