Corporate publications

Transmission Planning Report 2019

Transpower regularly publishes a Transmission Planning Report (TPR) which details the grid asset capability over the next 15 years.

The Electricity Industry Participation Code (the Code) requires Transpower to publish the Grid Reliability Report (GRR), Grid Economic Investment Report (GEIR) and the ten year forecast fault levels within defined timeframes. The Transmission Planning Report 2018 incorporates both the GRR, GEIR and the forecast fault levels.

The latest Transmission Planning Report is available below.

Value of Lost Load (VoLL) study

We have undertaken an investigation of the Value of Lost Load (VoLL) to inform our expenditure decisions and regulatory applications.

VoLL represents the economic value, in dollars per MWh, that a consumer places on electricity they plan to consume but do not receive because of a power interruption.  It is different in concept to the price consumers pay in the wholesale and retail markets for electricity.  Both the wholesale and retail prices reflect consumers’ demand for electricity, whereas VoLL reflects consumers’ demand to avoid power interruptions and its consequences. 

Grid Outputs Report 2018

This report builds on the 2017 Services Report, describing the grid output measures for our regulated transmission business for the third regulatory control period (RCP3) of 2020–2025.

Auckland Strategy Final Report

Auckland is changing. Rapidly. Roads, housing, technology, industry and electricity.

Our Auckland Strategy looks specifically at the importance of electricity transmission into and across Auckland today and into the future.

Our capacity for meeting Auckland’s future electricity needs is very good, and we can meet all demand and growth projections for the next 30 years.

We also need to keep the grid in great shape and we have an extensive maintenance programme on our existing 220kV lines over the next 30 years. We are planning for this work now.

Securing our energy future - RCP3 consultation document

Shaping our draft proposal to the Commerce Commission for our third Regulatory Control Period (RCP3) depends on input from our stakeholders. We appreciate that many of you have shaped our consultation document through the extensive engagement processes we have undertaken to date.

This consultation document includes 20 questions on which we are seeking your input and feedback. We will be collecting your views prior to our formal proposal submission to the Commerce Commission on 3 December 2018.

Te Mauri Hiko - Energy Futures

Addressing climate change, and meeting New Zealand's Paris Agreement commitments, will require our electricity system to begin planning and adapting for the future needs of our country, today.

What challenges and opportunities lie ahead? How can we enable our country's sustainable energy future? Learn more in Te Mauri Hiko.