Corporate publications

Guide to Transpower

This booklet is for those who want to learn more about the major transmission assets owned and operated by Transpower and the company's role in the New Zealand electricity industry.

It also provides background information on the nature of electricity and how it is transported from the power station to your home.

Quality Performance Report 2008/09

This is Transpower New Zealand Limited’s annual Quality Performance Report. It sets out operational data that enables Transpower’s stakeholders to make an assessment of the company’s performance against operational measures incorporated in the company’s Statement of Corporate Intent.

Information for Disclosure 2008

The Electricity (Information Disclosure) Regulations 1999 form part of the Government's regulatory regime for the electricity sector. The purpose and nature of these Regulations is described in the Electricity Information Disclosure Handbook. Transpower is covered by these regulations and is therefore required to publish the information prescribed in the Handbook.

Compliance Statement 2008

This Compliance Statement was prepared by Transpower to demonstrate to the Commission its compliance or otherwise, with the Commerce Act (Transpower Thresholds) Notice 2008 and the Deed of Settlement at the assessment date 30 June 2008.