Transpower seeks views on proposed Information Disposal Schedule - consultation closed



Transpower’s information is one of our core strategic assets. When information is current, relevant, accurate and available it enables us to run our business efficiently and effectively. 

Transpower is undertaking a project to refresh our retention and disposal schedule, which covers all Transpower information and records in both paper and digital formats. The schedule identifies what information should be transferred to Archives New Zealand, to be kept in perpetuity, and what can be disposed - after a defined period of time - as required by the Public Records Act 2005. 

All Transpower’s information is categorised into several record classes. Each class has rules determining the timeframes and actions taken for those records. The rules are defined in two generic government schedules (GDA6 and GDA7) along with our specific schedule. Anyone with an interest in Transpower information and records was invited to provide feedback on the proposed schedule. Following our consideration of the feedback, we will be submitting the disposal schedule to Archives New Zealand for approval.

We asked for feedback on the proposed Disposal Schedule and accompanying Appraisal Report: 

The Disposal Schedule and Appraisal Report have been submitted to Archives New Zealand for review after feedback was received from three external stakeholders. In all cases the feedback was that the stakeholder organisation had no feedback, and so were happy with the disposal schedule and appraisal report.