About Grid Skills

Providing a qualified and competent workforce that meets current and future transmission industry needs

Maintaining the national grid requires a particular set of skills encompassing engineering, technology, communication, and strategy. Transpower’s Grid Skills is a registered Private Training Establishment providing new training and professional development for our service providers. 

Over 1,800 people from 88 different organisations take part in Grid Skills training annually. Grid Skills provides more than 65 courses across Substations and Lines learning pathways. Participants can also work towards the Certificate in Electricity Supply (Substation Maintenance) NZQA Level 4 qualification by completing the Grid Skills’ Substation Maintainer Core training programme. We also run Electricity Workers Registration Board-approved programmes. 

Transpower has been granted registration as a Private Training Establishment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, under section 346 of the Education and Training Act 2020. NZQA, via an External Evaluation & Review report, rates Transpower as being "Highly Confident in Educational performance' and 'Confident in capability in self-assessment (Category 1)'.

The Grid Skills Governance Committee has oversight of Grid Skills. We work closely with industry subject matter experts to ensure the relevance and accuracy of our training offerings. Click here to view the Grid Skills & Operational Training Strategic Framework.

Find out more about our training courses at the Grid Skills Information Portal:

Grid Skills Information Portal

Supporting ngā ākonga (learners) 

We have produced a handy guide for our learners to guide and support their training at Grid Skills. You can access this any time by clicking here: Grid Skills Learner Handbook

Grid Skills aims to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for our diverse range of ngā ākonga (learners). Pastoral care is a provision that Grid Skills makes to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of our learners. This focusses on fostering learning environments that are designed to support positive learning experiences across diverse learner groups. We regularly review how we can better support our learners in terms of pastoral care and report this to NZQA. Click here for our latest self-review document: Tertiary & International Learners Code of Practice: Self Review October 2023

Grid Skills Trainee Travel & Accommodation Allowance

Click here to access the current Travel & Accommodation Guidelines. 

Click here for the updated calculation sheet

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Transpower Grid Skills offer options to recognise the ākonga's (learner's) prior experience and existing skills through their Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Processes. This option is available for experienced practitioners looking to gain qualifications in Substation Maintainer, Power Technician, Tower Structure Maintainer and Transmission Line Maintenance. 

Click below to access the RPL application forms.

Power Technician RPL Application Form

Transmission Line Mechanic RPL Application Form

Grid Skills is committed to excellence in education and compliance with industry standards.
We are currently reviewing the process for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)/Recognition of Current Competency (RCC); and this means: 

  • There could be a temporary delay with processing any new applications.
  • We will continue to work through applications that have already been submitted in the interim.
  • The evidence provided from the applications already underway will be reviewed as they are received.

Should you have any questions or need further clarification on this matter, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Forms, documents and policies

Below you can find links to commonly used Grid Skills forms, useful documents and our policies and procedures. If you have any questions, please get in contact

Standards of conduct

Ngā ākonga (learners) are expected to conform to the standards of conduct required by their employer and Transpower at all times while attending Grid Skills training courses. The standards of conduct can be found in the Learner Handbook.


New learner form

Technical expert forms

Appeal of assessment result form

Request for extension to assessment due date

Application for recognition of prior learning


MySkills Learner User Guide

Reviewing the pool of Technical Experts

Information on Grid Skills policy for reporting credits to NZQA

RPL TL1 TL2 Qualified Line Mechanics Employer Information

Policies and procedures

Grid Skills has policies and procedures to help address any concerns or complaints you have as quickly as possible. If something is interfering with a person’s learning, we want to know so we can do something about it. 

Grid Skills Assessment Extension Policy

Non-attendance and withdrawal policy

Credit reporting to NZQA policy

Concerns & Complaints

Ngā ākonga (learners) are encouraged to talk to their trainer (or Grid Skills directly) to see if the matter can be resolved before submitting a Formal Complaint. If you'd like to give us feedback outside of the complaints process, please email [email protected]

Before you lodge a complaint, have a conversation.

The best way to settle differences is to have a conversation first, to see if all parties can come to an agreed outcome. If you haven’t yet tried to raise your concern or complaint informally, take these steps.

Step 1 (Talk to the trainer):  
Talk to the trainer if your concern or complaint is about a course you have just taken.  If you do not feel comfortable talking to your trainer, or if you do not agree with their response, contact the Grid Skills team at [email protected].

Step 2 (Contact Grid Skills):
Contact us and ask to speak with someone.  
Email us on [email protected] or call 06 3570919.  
State that you want to raise a concern or complaint. Leave your name and contact number and the best time to call.  We will contact you and try to resolve the matter. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, we invite you to make a formal complaint.

Step 3 (Make a formal complaint):
Use this form to formally raise a concern or complaint. You can raise a complaint as an individual or as a group of learners.
• We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint, via email, within two working days.
• We will talk with you about the matter (you can have a support person present), decide what action to take, and inform you of the outcome, in writing, within an agreed timeframe. 

If you'd like to lodge a formal complaint, you can fill out our Concerns and complaint form.

Grid Skills has policies and procedures that govern how we respond to concerns and complaints to address any concerns or complaints effectively and efficiently. The Grid Skills Complaints Policy can be viewed here.


If you do not agree with the outcome or believe Grid Skills did not adequately investigate the matter, you may take your complaint to external bodies. Grid Skills must provide you with the information you need to make an external appeal. The independent, free external dispute resolution scheme is available to help resolve disputes if they have been unable to resolve them through our internal complaints processes. Click here for more information.