Murihiku Southland Electrification Development Plan

Last updated: 20 Dec 2023

In response to a significant number of generation and load connection enquiries, as well as from a system reliability and security perspective, Transpower and PowerNet have developed a Murihiku Southland Electrification Development Plan for electricity infrastructure.

A joint approach with stakeholders has allowed Transpower and PowerNet to take a broader planning perspective in order to facilitate an optimised path for decarbonisation and create an efficient approach to grid and distribution network investments.

Creating the electrification development plan

In July 2023 we published a short initial discussion document explaining more about the thinking and drivers behind this. We then had discussions with several stakeholders who are investing or planning to invest in new electricity generation and those who are anticipating a significant increase in electricity use (e.g., industrial or commercial companies decarbonising their processes by replacing fossil fuels with electricity).

Tactical Options Paper

Following those discussions, we published a Tactical Options Paper in September 2023, outlining a range of investment options for Murihiku Southland’s electricity networks to support electrification in the region. Transpower and PowerNet sought views from stakeholders on how these investments will allow more electricity use and new generation in the region.

During October and November we continued to engage with interested parties, before publishing our findings for the Electrification Development Plan, including the path forward for us, in December 2023.

Get in touch

We encourage you to continue to engage with us as your plans for new generation development or growth in electricity use firm up. Reach out to us at [email protected]

Map of possible projects in Murihiku Southland