Net Zero Grid Pathways programme (NZGP)

Last updated: 12 Dec 2023

About Net Zero Grid Pathways

Net Zero Grid Pathways (NZGP) looks at the system-wide requirements and dependencies that will enable new generation to connect to the grid, accommodate both new and growing customer load bases, move power to where it’s needed, and continue to provide a secure and reliable power system.

The work in this programme is complementary to Transpower’s annual maintenance, refurbishment, enhancement and development work that extends the life of our existing Grid assets. It also complements Transpower’s work connecting new generation to the Grid – NZGP is the enabling work on the Grid to ensure that when new generation is ready to be connected, the Grid can take the additional electricity and shift it to where it’s needed (while maintaining our customers’ expectations of power quality, system security and reliability).

NZGP relies on key Transpower documents as inputs, such as our Transmission Planning Report and Asset Strategies and Asset Management Plan. The thinking and development is also driven by Transpower’s research work in Whakamana i Te Mauri Hiko and associated monitoring reports, alongside other industry and government reports and activity. We rely strongly on industry consultation as we develop our proposed projects and timings.

In the past, significant investments have usually been proposed individually to our investment regulator, the Commerce Commission. Through NZGP, we will propose tranches of investment to the Commerce Commission in a ‘staged MCP’ process. This will provide efficiencies and recognises the projects enable system-wide network benefits when delivered as a coordinated programme (rather than addressing specific, more localised needs through discrete MCP projects).


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