Newlands and Woodridge Towers to Poles

Last updated: 24 Apr 2024

What are we doing?

Transpower plans to replace the transmission towers in and around Newlands and Woodridge in Wellington with modern steel poles, with work happening during 2024 and 2025.

Ahead of the tower replacement, we will do some tower strengthening work. 

Why are we doing it?

The increasing amount of maintenance required due to these towers’ age and condition is the reason we will replace them with modern steel poles. To provide further life to the existing structures before they are replaced, and to make the final replacement easier, we are doing one last round of tower strengthening.

When will this happen?

Tower strengthening work – planned for March to May 2024

This work involves attaching steel to the existing towers to strengthen them and may also involve some small amounts of painting. The strengthening work will also make it easier and faster to remove the tower during the replacement phase.

Tower replacement work – planned to begin from May 2024

This work involves installing a new pole next to the existing tower then removing the tower.

Indicative timeline:

  • Winter 2024 – begin work to prepare the foundations.
  • Spring 2024 – start installing the new poles. It may take up to 18 months to replace all the towers on the line in the area.

Further communication and feedback 

We will communicate directly with households with a transmission tower on their property, local communities and other stakeholders as the project progresses and we will also provide regular updates on this page. You can also sign up to the project e-newsletter.

We welcome any questions or feedback via email to [email protected].

The map below shows the Kandallah to Takapu Road transmission line as it passes through Newlands and Woodridge, where towers will be replaced with poles.

Transmission line and towers in Newlands and Woodridge