Tauhara Generation Connection

Last updated: 12 Dec 2023

What we're doing

We need to continually operate, maintain and develop New Zealand's transmission network - the National Grid - to ensure we meet the ongoing electricity needs of New Zealanders.

As part of our work to facilitate New Zealand's move to a zero-carbon economy, we are building our connection point to Contact Energy's new Tauhara geothermal generation station.

Why we're doing it

Our Whakamana i te Mauri Hiko work has underlined the significant amount of generation that needs to be built to meet New Zealand's zero-carbon future by 2050. All generation that connects to Transpower's network for transport across our nationwide network requires a connection point. Our new substation at Tauhara will be that connection point - or Grid Injection Point - for this new generation.

More Information

Look out for updates to the project as we build our new connection point for Contact's Tauhara 152 MW geothermal generation station.