Request for Proposals: Upper South Island Non-Transmission Solutions

Transmission towers on hills above the coast

An opportunity to work with Transpower to deliver smart solutions for the transmission network 

Transpower invites proposals from potential providers of non-transmission solutions in the upper South Island, to help manage growing electricity use at peak times. 

We are currently looking to invest to provide more capacity in the transmission network in the upper South Island (north of Twizel) to meet the growing demand. We are seeking proposals for non-transmission solutions to consider alongside possible transmission solutions. 

Non-transmission solutions 

Flexibility services, like batteries and other distributed energy resources, or agreements to help reduce electricity load, could either meet the need or defer the timing of transmission upgrades, including major new lines, at an overall lower cost to Transpower customers. 

For example, businesses could defer tasks like irrigation away from peak times or use batteries to reduce their electricity use at times when the network is nearing capacity. There are many innovative possibilities for flexibility services in the future of electricity networks and there may be a range of opportunities or technologies that can support and partner with us. 

Transpower’s objective is to obtain sufficient customer demand reductions in the upper South Island to address the forecast capacity constraints. Non-transmission solutions will be compared using the investment test with other transmission solutions to find a preferred option to meet the investment need. A successful non-transmission solution is one that is technically feasible and offers a higher net benefit alternative to a transmission network-only option. 

We are looking for solutions that can be in place by 2029.


Upper South Island

The RFP seeks solutions for the area in the upper South Island north of Twizel, as shown on the map below.

Map of the South Island with the area north of Twizel highlighted


How to find out more and submit a proposal 

RFP document 

Download the Request For Proposals via GETS, the Government Electronic Tender Services, for detailed information including how to submit your proposal. Transpower invites interested parties to submit their proposals by 5 April 2024. 


A webinar on the opportunity to provide flexibility services to Transpower was held on Thursday 29 February. View the webinar recording below.


Questions and answers 

Questions can be submitted through GETS. If you need to contact someone in the project team you can email [email protected]