Upper North Island Loads

Power system loads in the North Island north of Huntly (Zone 1) are displayed on this page to give power companies loading information across the zone.

This information is updated every five minutes. Due to the location of recording equipment at some sites, the load split between retailers for these zones is indicative only.

The historical Zone Load Peaks are winter and summer seasonal values and are reset at the change of seasons on 20 October and 10 May.

Upper North Island Load Data
Zone 1 Load1211.929 MW
Northpower125.8 MW
Top Energy14.4 MW
Vector821.676 MW
Counties Power119.1 MW
NZ Steel83.9 MW
Top North Island Load Data
GZ 1 Load439.979 MW
Northpower125.8 MW
Top Energy14.4 MW
Vector Northern273.4 MW

Latest Zone Load Graphs

Zone 1 Load (Upper North Island)


GZ 1 Load (Northland)


Historical Zone Load Peaks

Top 10 now reflects Summer daily peaks.
Zone 1 LoadDate
1605.71220/10/2020 08:25
1209.75321/10/2020 06:15
GZ1 LoadDate
603.12920/10/2020 08:00
439.97921/10/2020 06:15