NZGP Phase Two: 2035-50

Phase Two: The likely need for greater capacity of the grid backbone as well as meeting the needs of high growth regional networks with new interconnections beyond 2035.

From 2030, electricity demand is forecast to ramp up as decarbonisation happens at scale and at pace.

In Phase One we are looking at upgrades to the existing grid.

By Phase Two, in many places we’ll be out of options to upgrade existing grid infrastructure and new lines will be needed to accommodate large-scale generation development and demand growth.

We will start our Phase Two work in early 2023

We will start our Phase Two work in early 2023 to demonstrate and build a wider understanding that new grid build, including new transmission lines that form a resilient grid backbone, are a key part of New Zealand's energy transition. We don’t have any predetermined ideas about where or what form these new transmission corridors might take, what we do know is how long it takes to consult well and secure consents. We also know we need to meet the resilience and service expectations of a highly electrified economy in a country with a range of natural hazards.