Western Bay of Plenty Development Plan: Major Capex Proposal long-list consultation

This was the first consultation to seek feedback about our thinking, assumptions, and possible early options for upgrades on the high-voltage electricity transmission network for this region.

To continue to meet the needs of people and businesses in the growing western Bay of Plenty, Transpower needs to invest in upgrades to its electricity transmission infrastructure.  

What did we consult on?

In this consultation, we set out a 'long-list' of development options that may contribute to meeting these needs. We sought your feedback about these possible solutions.

We recognise there may be non-transmission options that could defer the need for upgrades to our networks, so we also requested information on any such alternatives.

As well as these matters, we also consulted on the thinking that lies behind this work - the need for investment, the electricity demand and generation scenarios on which our analysis is based, and key assumptions we will make.

Consultation documents

Our consultation information included an Overview document and five Attachment documents, each of which focused on a specific aspect of our consultation.

Throughout the consultation documents, we included questions for consideration and response in submissions. These were intended to help respondent, who did not have to answer any or all of these questions, and were welcome to raise other issues relevant to our project. We also provided a template document for responses to these questions. 

Responses to our consultation

We sought and welcomed feedback on our consultation through written submissions. The submission period was from 17 July to 13 September 2023. We extended this period for a few days to those submitters who requested additional time to provide their submissions.

The submissions we received are provided below.

We also provided a summary of these consultation submissions and our responses to the matters raised by submitters.

Our continued engagement

As our joint project with Powerco on our shared Western Bay of Plenty Development Plan progresses, we will be continuing our community and stakeholder engagement. We welcome your questions, comments and invitations to present to iwi, hapu, business and community groups. Please email us at [email protected] for a discussion.

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