System and market insights

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Reports published here cover a range of power system and wholesale electricity market topics. They are typically technical in nature and designed for market participants but may be of use to wider audiences, including media, electricity consumers and other stakeholders. 


Evolving Market Resource CoordinationJul 2024
Winter 2024 OutlookJan 2024
Winter 2023 ReviewOct 2023
Evolving Security of Supply Assessment Jul 2023
Preparing for an increase in inverter based resourcesJun 2023

Winter Peak Analysis 2024-25

Apr 2023
2023 Security of Supply OutlookJan 2023
Winter Review 2022 Nov 2022
Enabling distributed flexibility to support whole system reliability and efficiency: a system operator viewDec 2022
Security of Supply 2022 Outlook20 Dec 2021
Tracking hydro inflows and storage22 Oct 2021
TPM - Removal of RCPD19 July 2021
Does Size Matter 30 Jun 2021
New record demand set on 29 June 202130 Jun 2021
Forecasting Intermittent Generation in NZ29 Jun 2021


Gas Outlook for Electricity Generation and Security of Supply 20213 Dec 2020
Effect of La Nina and El Nino on New Zealand Hydrological Inflows19 Oct 2020
Thermal and Water Behaviour Article18 Jun 2020
Lockdown demand changes27 Mar 2020
Salt Deposits on HVDC Insulators12 Jun 2019
NMIR - A Continuous Improvement Journey28 May 2019
Shortfall Indications and Security Notices3 May 2019
Wind Forecasting30 Apr 2019
Gas Market, Electricity Capacity and the System Operator4 Apr 2019
Heatwave sets summer demand records 5 Feb 2019
Improvements to Load Forecast Inputs 5 Oct 2018
High Spring Washer Prices 17 September 201821 Sep 2018
Market Node Constraints24 Aug 2018
What contributes to HVDC utilisation 17 Aug 2018
The effect of wind generation on energy prices 25th and 27th July 20188 Aug 2018
What caused very high prices for 12 June 2018 and why were they not forecast 20 Jun 2018
Price Spikes and Price Stacks 8 May 2018
Amending Modulation Risk to manage system security2 May 2018
Hawkes Bay High Prices 21 February 201816 Mar 2018
Market Spotlight 2017 the year that was18 Jan 2018
High Prices 18 Dec 2017
HVDC Outage1 Dec 2017
Maraetai birds contingent event24 Nov 2017
Management of North Island Over Frequency Risk10 Nov 2017
Market impact of reserve sharing2 Aug 2017
Further pricing details for the 12th to 15th July 2017 31 Jul 2017
How the HVDC transfer sticky point at 22.5MW occurs and how it affects the market 12 Jul 2017