Working with our regulator

The System Operator is an independent Transpower function contracted to the Electricity Authority to run the wholesale electricity market and operate the power system.

The Electricity Authority regulates our work under the Electricity Industry Participation Code (the Code).  Together, we work to operate and develop the electricity market to deliver long term benefits to New Zealand consumers by: 

  • Promoting competition, such as by removing technical barriers to entry and participation in the wholesale electricity market
  • Ensuring reliable supply by efficiently balancing security of supply risks with costs of operating the power system and by taking advantage of new technologies as they become commercially available
  • Promoting efficient operation of the NZ electricity industry by delivering an efficient and effective System Operator service and by developing and implementing improvements in the market.

These objectives and our framework for delivering on them are described in more detail in our Relationship Charter. We also have a Policy Statement that sets out how we will meet our obligations under the Code. This is reviewed every two years.

The  Electricity Industry Participation Code requires us to complete a yearly self review of our performance. These are published on the Electricity Authority website.