System Operator projects

This page contains information about a number of major projects the System Operator is currently working on or has recently completed. These projects build on our business-as-usual work to ensure the power system meets New Zealand's electricity needs now and in the future

Projects in progress

Project NameBrief Description
Joint Development ProgrammeInformation on the joint development programme we are working on with the Electricity Authority.
Future Security and ResilienceWe are identifying challenges and opportunities as part of the Electricity Authority's Future Security and Resilience project.
Operations Customer Portal ProgrammeOCP is the acronym for Operations Customer Portal and describes the System Operator managed web-based platform, which is mainly customer facing.
Automated Under Frequency Load Shedding (AUFLS) This Transpower project provides information on the transition from a two block load shedding scheme to a four block load shedding scheme. The four block scheme is planned to be operational by 2025.


Projects completed

To view completed projects click here.