Co-locating equipment on Transpower sites

Many of our sites host assets that belong to our customers, and these require Access and Occupation Licences. These licenses allow you to maintain and operate your equipment on our site, and is part of the Transmission Agreement which forms part of the Electricity Industry Participation Code.

Applying for and managing your licenses

Applications can be made by emailing us at A&[email protected]. For more detail on what to provide, please see the information about the process below.

Our new online portal makes it easier and more efficient to manage your licences and licence requests. It's a centralised location where you can access information about your submissions at various stages in the licensing process. You can view a schedule list of all your assets and make comments for change requests, extensions, non-compliance information, and so on.

The portal is designed to increase transparency of the overall process, your visibility of your submissions and licences for your assets, and streamline communication with our Access and Occupation team. If you are interested in using the portal, please email us at A&[email protected] and we’ll help you get set up.

The licensing process 

There are 6 steps to the process:

1. Application
This is made by emailing the A&O email above, or can be made on your behalf (and as agreed) by Transpower's Customer Solutions team, Project or an Engineering Consultant. The application must include the AO Questionnaire [ pdf 492.16 KB ]and any documents available at this stage to provide detail of the proposed installation, removal or modification.

2. Approval in principle
The purpose of this stage is to provide confidence to you that Transpower is okay with the works you propose and any potential problems have been flagged. Transpower's Engineering Consultant is responsible for coordinating the approval process and will liaise with the reviewers (typically 3-8 subject matter experts within Transpower's teams) to review an A&O application. Initial approval is confirmed by an "Approval in Principle" letter from Transpower. This letter will also indicate any further information needed to resolve for the Final Approval Stage.

3. Final approval
Once any  further information requested has been provided, the designated Engineering Consultant and the Transpower reviewers assess the information. If satisfied, Transpower signs off on it, and a final written approval is issued.

4. Delivery
When you receive the final written approval, you can then make the necessary arrangements, including contacting the site Service Delivery Manager, to access the site and complete the work.

5. Compliance check
Within 30 business days of the completion of the site works, you must provide us with all the information set out in the Final Approval letter. Transpower then conducts a compliance check and ,if everything is in order, updates its internal A&O database. If Transpower doesn't receive the information within the 30 days, the customer and the works become non-compliant.

6. Licence update
As a final step, Transpower updates the A&O Schedule of the Transmission Agreement and provides this to you.


The video below details how the process works: