Supplier Information

Transpower has a sustainable and transparent approach to procurement and supplies. We work with suppliers from around New Zealand and abroad to supply goods, services, and works.

Our procurement process

With very few exceptions, we apply the Government Procurement Rules and advertise our open tender opportunities on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS). To subscribe to notices and updates on Transpower tender opportunities please register as a supplier on the site. 

Current tender opportunities on GETS

Managing expectations

We are focused on ensuring the best value delivered across the whole life of the goods, services or works, rather than just the best price.

For this reason, we take a comprehensive approach to our procurement and supply contracts. From the outset, we assess suppliers fairly, choosing those:

  • who are aligned with our sustainable procurement expectations
  • who can deliver what we want at a fair price and on time
  • who we can build demanding but fair and productive relationships.

Our overarching Sustainable Procurement Code (the Code) outlines Transpower’s expectations of our suppliers and what suppliers should expect of us across business integrity and ethics, labour and human rights, social responsibility, health, safety and wellbeing, environment, and prompt payment.

We also develop individual Supplier Relationship Management agreements with our suppliers so we’re all on the same page for contracts, performance, and relationship management expectations.

Find out what opportunities are available – GETS.

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