Transmission Planning

Managing New Zealand’s national grid involves careful planning.

Each year we undertake system planning studies and compile a Transmission Planning Report – this provides an outline of current grid capability and work and investment needed in the future.

Read the final Transmission Planning Report 2023

Last year's Transmission Planning Report 2022

We work closely with distributors on potential options and solutions. Once we can determine a clear system need, we commit resources to investigating an appropriate solution. This may include:

  • size of the solution (e.g. extent of capacity gap, high/low voltage, probability of occurrence); and  
  • timing (peak or off-peak, winter or summer, daily etc.).

TPR Envision and Envision Opportunities

We have developed two interactive GIS-based tools that provide:

  • a more visual representation of our Transmission Planning Report - known as TPR Envision.
  • a more visual representation of transmission capacity information to assist new generation proponents in scoping potential locations for their new generation - known as Envision Opportunities.

Alternative solutions to transmission investment 

Our investigations to explore options for meeting grid needs consider whether we might procure third party services as transmission alternatives/non-transmission solutions. Read more here.


Our Auckland Strategy 

Find out more about the work we've completed to ensure the future energy needs of our largest city are met.