Guide to preparing an Expression of Interest

Expressions of Interest are invited during the months of April and October each year - a link to the online form will be available at these times. 

Below is a quick guide to completing an Expression of Interest. There is also a detailed PDF guide with step by step instructions to completing the short form.

Expressions of Interest for our Summer 2024 funding round are now closed.

A guide to completing the Expression of Interest webform

Q: Is your organisation (a tick box question)

To be considered for the CommunityCare Fund, we’d like an idea of who your organisation is and how you fit into your community. It’s important to us that we are assisting community groups and non-profit organisations. Tick the boxes that are applicable. There will be an opportunity at the next stage (Full Application) to tell us more about your organisation 

Q: Project title

Give your project a title. We'll use this on all correspondence to you and on our funding announcements page if your application is successful in receiving a grant

Q: Location / address of your project

This is where your project will be located - please complete this, even if its the same as the street address provided at the start of the application form. Feel free to simply type in the street address of the project location in the box below where it says: "Enter a location"

Q: Total project cost

This is how much will it cost to complete your project, or stage of the project if it is very large. We like to know if our grant will cover a part of your project or complete the project in its entirety 

Q: Total funding request

This is amount of money you are seeking from us - i.e. the grant amount. Click here to check whether this amount should include or exclude GST (opens as a new window)

Q: Project classification / category

We’d like to know how your project fits into the community. This helps us keep track of where the 'touch points of need' are in the community and to form a picture of the kind of assistance that is needed across New Zealand. Tick the boxes that are applicable

Q: A short summary of your project

A quick snap shot of what you're planning to do (i.e. your project) and what the CommunityCare Fund grant money will be spent on. It is important to be clear about what the grant money will be used for so we can confirm your proposal meets the funding criteria. Just a few sentences is all that is needed at this stage - there will be an opportunity to write more about the project, your organisation, and the community benefits at Full Application stage. 

Q: Benefits of your project to the community

We'd love to hear some of the kind of great things that are going to happen in your community as a result of your completed project.