Asset Management

Running the nation’s electricity grid is a complex task and requires comprehensive planning and operations.

Asset Management Framework

Running the nation’s electricity grid is a complex task and requires comprehensive planning and operations. Transpower’s overarching Grid Asset Management framework ensures the national grid provides safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity transmission services for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Led by our Grid Development Team, the Grid Asset Management framework aligns with leading industry standards (ISO 55001:2014) and incorporates industry and legal regulation, strategic review, collaboration with customers and stakeholders, continual planning and improvement, and industry leading performance.

Asset Management Plan 2023: this explains our asset management framework, our management of each asset class and includes a summary of planned works.

Integrated Transmission Plan

This is a suite of documents that outline our 10-year plans and bring together our services and expenditure forecasts and asset management plans: 

Future-proofing the grid

Most of our network was built in the 1950s and the 1980s. Around 70% of our conductors (the electricity lines) were installed before the 1980s and have weathered significant environmental conditions since then.

We have forecast a considerable number of conductors and towers will need to be replaced in the coming decades. This coincides with the country moving towards a period of increased electricity demand to meet net zero carbon goals.

We are using drones to capture data on the state of our conductors and grid network and refine the extent of reconductoring, tower to pole conversions, and tower painting required. This work will ensure the national grid remains safe, reliable and cost-effective into the future as New Zealand works towards its electrification goals.

Climate-change related weather events are increasing, and the National Adaptation Plan has set out a clear pathway toward improving the resilience of our country’s infrastructure. We are seeking funding in our RCP4 proposal to ensure our grid infrastructure is ready to meet these risks and others - such as earthquakes - and stay resilient under pressure. This funding will support our ability to improve the physical resilience of individual assets (e.g. to elevate substations above flooding, or reinforce towers against wind). It will also improve our ability to withstand cyber-attacks, improve our readiness for major events and allow the quick restoration of power when major events do occur. 

More information about flooding risks at substations